Creation of a new art object for breaking the mould.

Providing art with an aesthetic which is knitted with the reality that is interpreted contemporarily.

Merging the painter’s capacity of  interpretation of the realism with the point of view that only a photographer may have… This is the target of Gentili, to “revolutionize” the mould, and to give “evolution” to the concept of art which shouldn’t be imprisoned by borders!

Gentili is an artist. He insists on this point, because he desires to distance himself from the descriptions which can be binding and incompatible with the real meaning of the word “Art”.  His artistic evolution also proves this: his beginning point is professional photography, but after a brief period he concentrates upon story of art and paintings, because he feels the need of closing the circle. This way has no arrival, but it keeps getting far in a continuous transformation…

Thanks to the interest that he feels for various artistic currents, especially expressionism, he explores his “brushes” that may be in compliance with the photographic realism which is very important for Gentili, is like a tacit agreement with the realism itself, because if it is observed well, every reality becomes art… Human-being is the most beautiful art-work.

Gentili’s this innovative and genius technique, permits to obtain the desired pictural effects, without using any kind of digital or artificial collages, but only by the moment of the registration of the scene through the artful usage of industrial wastes during the direct shoot. At the end, the art object is materialised as a mixed media on canvas with pigments and transparent acrylic (which is important to obtain the desired 3-dimensionality).

Usage of the wastes is not a coincidence, modern human who became a hiper-consumer and polluter, is vanishing amongst its wastes.  Gentili, could close his circle in this way, all his world is intersecting with the critics that he shouts for the over-consuming and the destruction of the nature. The style of life that he leads is the most evident prove of this: living with less, in harmony with the nature on a sailing boat with his wife Bak.  This life philosophy has begun in 2008, it is explained with all details in the autobiographic book  written by Gentili which is published in July 2013 in Italy. 



Giampaolo Gentili was born in 1972, in Rome. His artistic path begins there. He still collaborates as a photographer with various media organs. In 2008 begins studying story of art and paintings and preparing the foundations of his innovative technique that he uses by now.

Works of Gentili have been exhibited for the first time in International Art Fair Of Istanbul in 2012, meriting to be published in the annual catalogue. The same year in December in Turkish Embassy in Rome,Italy he held a personal exhibition. He held another personal exhibition in 2013 in Doku Art Gallery with sponsorship of Italian Culture Institute in İstanbul, Turkey and another personal exhibition in 2014 in Almelek Art Gallery in İstanbul, Turkey.

All his works are realised as unique pieces and they are in conformity with museum archiving parameters.

In 2013, the book called “Si può fare – It can be done” written by Gentili which talks about the simple life that he lives with his wife on their sailing boat which is also the artistic studio of the author, far from the chaos of the city life, published in Italy. The contents and the simplicity of the book created a big interest of various media organs and in consequence Italian State Television RAI-3 emitted a documentary on it. The book will be published next year also in France.