Here the life continues without interruptions  from 3500 years, Iassos has few equals in the world thanks to its land-layers which donate us a new historical period every 10 cms.

Iassos transports its visitors in a time-travel: archaic period, hellenistik period, roman period, byzantine period, late byzantine period and ottoman period.  

Plenty of witness from V-VI sec B.C to IV sec A.C.

The sea is the patron, fishermen repeat their gestures without any mutation in time just like the ships that keep on navigating the Aegean waters for the commercial exchanges.  When you approach Iasos from the sea, a towerlike construction is notable; it is thought that towers in fact were two and they were used to control the passage to the ancient port by tensioning a chain from one tower to the other, to block the access to the undesired ships ... Now Iasos, opens its doors to everyone, thanks to its proximity to Bodrum Airport, for a  travel, out of the mass tourism mould, ideal for the connoisseurs who love archeology.